Chicago Blizzard 2011 Creates Havoc
CHICAGO ( The national Weather Service has announced that though rampage of blizzard is over but the temperature of the city is expected to fall down to 5 or below zero in next few days.
Australia’s Cyclone Hits Queensland
BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA ( It seems the worst is not yet over for the state of Queensland in Australia.
Australia Storm To Bring Rain
QUEENSLAND ( The Category 5 Cyclone Yasi hit the shores of Queensland on Wednesday midnight and left thousands of people homeless.
Australian Cyclone Yasi’s Victims Promised Help
QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA ( The prime minister of Australia Julia Gillard assured the residents of Queensland of all possible help in rebuilding their homes and compensation for the damage they suffered from Cyclone Yasi.
University Of Illinois Remains Closed
CHICAGO ( As heavy snow storm and gusty winds engulfed the city of Chicago and many other states surrounding it, the Government of the country is leaving no stones unturned to ensure the safety of the citizens.
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