Australian Cyclone Yasi’s Victims Promised Help

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Thursday, February 3, 2011

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA ( The prime minister of Australia Julia Gillard assured the residents of Queensland of all possible help in rebuilding their homes and compensation for the damage they suffered from Cyclone Yasi. The weather experts agreed that it was the worst tropical storm to hit Queensland in a century. Before being hit by the Category 5 storm the region was devastated by flood and the residents are still reeling under the effects. The PM made it clear in her speech that her government is not going to cut from the $5.6 billion set aside for flood compensation. She also said that the money needed for suitably compensating the cyclone victims will be taken from the budget. Yasi has caused damager to properties and crops as is evident from the initial observation but no casualty or injury has been reported so far. Queensland is not out of danger yet, said the PM. According to the weather experts it was in 1918 when a similar storm had hit Queensland.

The Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payments would be used for paying the residents affected by the storm Yasi said the PM. The government is now engaged in reopening a number of Centrelink offices to make sure that emergency payments are disbursed among the cyclone victims fast. According to the Prime Minister, the residents qualifying for reimbursement from damage caused by the cyclone will get exemption from the earlier announced flood levy. She said “We will have to assess the damage from the cyclone and we will meet that damages bill from the federal budget”.

Australian Cyclone Yasi ravaged a huge number of homes in Queensland and the PM assured the victims that their homes will be rebuilt. She also said backup for power and food has been kept ready.

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