Australia’s Cyclone Hits Queensland
BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA ( It seems the worst is not yet over for the state of Queensland in Australia.
Australian Cyclone Yasi’s Victims Promised Help
QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA ( The prime minister of Australia Julia Gillard assured the residents of Queensland of all possible help in rebuilding their homes and compensation for the damage they suffered from Cyclone Yasi.
Christmas Island Faces Nature’s Wrath
SYDNEY ( An unfortunate indecent took Australia aback today.
Helicopter Crash At Blue Mountains
BATHURST, AUSTRALIA ( Six men who were in a chopper and were going to participate in a car race survived after their helicopter came crashing down in Blue Mountains near Bathurst.

PERTH, Australia - Three men survived four hours floating in rough seas off the northwest Australia coast after their boat collided with what they believe was a whale and sank, officials said Wednesday.
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