Helicopter Crash At Blue Mountains

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Sunday, October 10, 2010

BATHURST, AUSTRALIA (GaeaTimes.com)- Six men who were in a chopper and were going to participate in a car race survived after their helicopter came crashing down in Blue Mountains near Bathurst. Peter Heles, a mountain biker said that the men were dressed in the branded clothing of Jack Daniel. They were possibly going to take part in Bathurst 1000 Supercar race, as it is being assumed. The pilot and the other men in the chopper could have died owing to the nature of the mishap but they were lucky to escape unscathed. However, 2 of them got injured in the head and they were airlifted from the spot to Westmead Hospital.

A statement released by the Ambulance Service of NSW revealed that the injuries are not life threatening. The pilot of the helicopter that crashed only suffered an elbow wound. As the news of the chopper crash spread, rescue helicopters and a number of ambulances rushed to the spot. Fire brigade persons also reached the place to remove the fuel that got spilled in the region during the crash. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau will probe the cause of the accident, said the cops.

It is yet to be known why the helicopter crashed. It could be owing to the weather or maybe it had developed some kind of technical snags. The injured passengers and a pilot of the chopper could not be contacted for their feedback since they were taken to hospital immediately after the incident. The mountain biker who spotted the crashed chopper first did not expect any survivor at the scene initially. He was amazed to see that everyone survived the accident.

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