Christmas Island Faces Nature’s Wrath

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SYDNEY ( An unfortunate indecent took Australia aback today. A wooden boat, that was carrying more than 70 asylum seekers got wrecked, as it collided with a cliffside rocks, amidst the chilling sea water. This happened in one of Australia’s remote Christmas Island.

The islanders had nothing much to do apart from watching the mishap from the top. The rescue officials said that it was a tragic accident as they could not yet trace how many people have lost their life due to the mishap. They have rescued 41 people, while yet another 30 people are still missing. TV footages give a more brutal description of the accident at Christmas Island. It showed how the 30-foot boat clashed with the rock, with water drifting inside, to disperse the passengers with the strong deadly weaves. Most of the people could not combat the wrath of the heavy weaves and were swept into the sea. Simon Prince, an eye witness, who lives next to the cliff where the boat crashed said that the cliff created a “sickening” crack in the wall of the boat. He assumed that no one in the boat could swim, as most of them were getting crushed by the weaves. The passengers included men, women and children. He felt awful seeing hoe several human bodies were helplessly scattered all over the sea with no one to bring the situation under control.

Mark Rochfort, who operates Shorefire Fishing Charters said the only reason behind the mishap is the bad weather. A Christmas Island fisherman described the incident as “mayhem”, and “virtually impossible”. The incident has stirred the entire nation today. Even Prime Minister Julia Gillard canceled her leave and returned to work, in order to bring the situation under control. The boat crashed on to the rocks near Flying Fish Cove about 9am. Once Royal Flying Doctor medical teams reached the island, the victims would be airlifted.

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