TORONTO - Toronto Police Board chairman Alok Mukherjee, the highest-ranking public servant of Indian origin in Canada, wants India to quickly roll back its colonial-style policing system for its own good.
BHOPAL - The much-awaited distribution of increased compensation to survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy will begin from Dec 15, a minister said Sunday.
LONDON - Seven people have been trapped inside a pub in Britain for the past nine days after the building was engulfed by 16 feet of snow.
BEIJING - Illegally stored chemicals in an adjacent room were responsible for a powerful explosion that ripped through an Internet cafe in China's Guizhou province, leaving six dead and 38 injured, police said Sunday.
NEW DELHI - Two young women in north Delhi's Mongolpuri locality were separately attacked with blades and suffered injuries on their faces, police said Sunday.
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