Seattle Public Schools To Remain Closed

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SEATTLE ( The heavy snowfall in Seattle is taking a toll on the regular life of the people. Therefore, the school authorities have taken the decision of keeping the school shut. Yesterday, most of the schools are dismissed after half day. 12:30 was marked as the time, when all the schools should dismiss their students. That included the Montessori, the middle schools and the high school. The Seattle Public Schools will adhere to the same decision even today.

The weather reports have stated that the snowfall will ones again show its wrath today before the afternoon. It might get heavier and more intensified as the temperature will rise up steadily causing snow or slush-covered streets to turn to ice sheets. In such a scenario, it would be difficult for the children to wait for the public transports and reach schools with ease. To make the matter worse, even public transports have almost been paralyzed to assure a lift for the passengers. Even if they ply in a rare case, it may not turn out to be very safe, due to the harsh weather conditions. Since many students in the Seattle Public Schools rely on the public transports, the school authorities were left with no other option s but to declare a formal holiday for today. Certain schools like The Meridian School have announced the news in their official website.

However,some schools of the Tacoma School District, are planning to run the school two hour late. Most of the Seattle Public Schools have decided that all the school activities for the day would be canceled. This also includes the after hour day care services for the toddlers.

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