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Hamilton County Car Crash Kills Purdue Student
HAMILTON COUNTY (GaeaTimes.com) -- A single vehicle accident in Hamilton County results in the death of a Purdue student and sends another person to the hospital.
Baby Orphaned in a Car Accident
VEGREVILLE, CANADA (GaeaTimes.com) -- A baby girl who lost both her parents in a Christmas Eve car crash has been released from hospital.
OHIO Student Killed in one Car Accident
OHIO (GaeaTimes.com) -- East Canton High School students are mourning over 18-year-old Christopher Wheeler, a senior at the school, who was killed in a single car accident late Tuesday night.
Car Crash near Grassington Kills 2, Injures a Couple
GRASSINGTON (GaeaTimes.com) -- A couple from Grassington are recovering in hospital after a crash in which two people died.
Victim of Stabbing Dies in accident on way to Hospital
HEMPSTEAD (GaeaTimes.com) -- Police say a Long Island stabbing victim being driven to the hospital died after the driver of the car he was in got into an accident with another car.
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