Bellevue, Wash., city councilman mauled by bear at cabin describes fighting for his life

Wash. state bear-mauling victim describes attack

Washington state approves record $2.39M fine for refinery blast that could have been prevented

$2.39 million fine for Wash. state refinery blast

Army investigates claims that soldier’s father warned of plot to kill Afghan civilians

Army investigates plot warning from soldier’s dad

Appeals court overturns conviction in 2001 ecoterror arson that destroyed U. of Wash. building

Appeals court oveturns Wash. ecoterror conviction

AP Exclusive: Soldier’s father says he warned Army of plot by troops to kill Afghan civilians

Soldier’s father: Army was warned of murder plot

John Arum Found Dead

Park spokeswoman says body of son of boxing promoter Bob Arum found in North Cascades

Body of son of boxing promoter found in Cascades

Army: 5 Stryker brigade soldiers conspired to kill Afghan civilians; 7 others also charged

Army: Soldiers plotted to kill Afghan civilians

Storm open postseason as favorites to win title; Liberty, Mystics likely to vie in the East

Storm open playoffs as favorites to win WNBA title

From baseball diamond to church pews, services across US measure rising losses in Afghanistan

War comes home: Day-by-day, services honor fallen

HEALTHBEAT: Intense testing under way to assure safety of Gulf seafood following oil spill

‘CSI’ for seafood: Gulf fish gets safety tests

Gulf oil spill affects seafood restaurants nationwide; diners ask if their meal is safe

Diners grilling restaurants over seafood sourcing

‘Barefoot Bandit’ remains jailed until trial; attorney says he’s just an immature kid

Attorney: ‘Barefoot Bandit’ just an immature kid

19-year-old ‘Barefoot Bandit’ makes 1st federal court appearance in Seattle, doesn’t seek bail

‘Barefoot Bandit’ doesn’t seek bail, stays jailed

19-year-old ‘Barefoot Bandit’ makes 1st federal court appearance in Seattle after 2-year run

‘Barefoot Bandit’ makes Seattle court appearance

US attorney: ‘Barefoot Bandit’ extreme flight risk and danger, should be jailed until trial

US attorney: hold ‘Barefoot Bandit’ until trial

After 2 years on the run, ‘Barefoot Bandit’ to make first federal court appearance in Seattle

‘Barefoot Bandit’ to make Seattle court appearance

Girl, 16, burned in fatal Alaska plane crash to return to Texas home for long recovery

Girl burned in Alaska crash to head home to Texas

Teen girl burned in fatal Anchorage plane crash leaving hospital, heading home to Houston

Girl burned in Anchorage crash leaving hospital

‘Barefoot Bandit’ returns to Washington state after arrest in Bahamas

‘Barefoot Bandit’ returns to Washington state

Prosecutors could seek to have Barefoot Bandit _ and mom _ forego movie, book deal profits

Could feds keep Barefoot Bandit, mom from profit?

Teen dubbed ‘Barefoot Bandit’ arrives in Miami to face charges in 2-year crime spree

Alleged ‘Barefoot Bandit’ returns to the US

Teen dubbed ‘Barefoot Bandit’ pleads guilty to minor charge in Bahamas; will be deported to US

Quick guilty plea in ‘Barefoot’ case in Bahamas

Police say ‘Barefoot Bandit’ suspect faces Bahamas trial on weapons possession, other charges

Charges for ‘Barefoot Bandit’ suspect in Bahamas

Police say ‘Barefoot Bandit’ suspect faces Bahamas trial for weapons possession, other charges

Weapons charges for ‘Barefoot Bandit’ in Bahamas

Bahamas could be more than just an escape for ‘Barefoot Bandit’ suspect _ charges are possible

‘Barefoot Bandit’ could spend more time in Bahamas

Drag racing driver dies after crash at NHRA event outside Seattle

Driver killed in crash at Washington raceway

‘Barefoot Bandit,’ who ran from law for 2 years, drawing thousands of fans, caught in Bahamas

‘Barefoot Bandit’ nabbed after 2 years as fugitive

Authorities recover body from Delaware River near site of Pa. duck boat, barge collision

Body found in Delaware River near boat crash site

Duck boat company operating vessel in Philadelphia accident suspends operations nationwide

Duck boat company suspends operations nationwide

Coast Guard investigating helicopter crash off Wash. coast that killed 3 of 4 crew members

Coast Guard investigating copter crash off Wash.

‘Barefoot bandit’ has Bahamas buzzing, but island police find no trace of US teen fugitive

‘Barefoot’ in Bahamas: Teen fugitive eludes police

Coast Guard: 3 crew members killed, 1 survives after Jayhawk helicopter crashes off Wash.

Coast Guard: 3 dead after copter crash off Wash.

Teenage ‘barefoot bandit’ suspected to be on the run in Bahamas after plane’s crash-landing

Authorities target ‘barefoot bandit’ in Bahamas

Coast Guard helicopter crashes off Washington state’s coast

Coast Guard copter crashes off Washington coast

Teenage ‘barefoot burglar’ targeted by authorities in Bahamas after plane’s crash-landing

Authorities target ‘barefoot burglar’ in Bahamas

Officials say plane stolen from Indiana, crashed in Bahamas fits pattern of ‘Barefoot Bandit’

Stolen plane fits elusive ‘Barefoot Bandit’ mold

Wash.’s elusive teenage ‘Barefoot Bandit’ appears to be moving east; warrant issued in Neb.

Elusive teenage ‘Barefoot Bandit’ moving eastward

Army alleges 3 Afghan civilians slain when soldiers threw hand grenades and shot them

Army: Afghan civilians killed by grenades, shots

Fire official: Engine that failed to pump water at fatal Seattle fire was reserve truck

Problem engine at fatal Seattle fire was backup

Ethiopian community mourns woman, 4 nieces and nephews killed in Seattle apartment fire

Ethiopian community mourns 5 dead in Seattle fire

5 killed, including children, in Seattle apartment fire, authorities say

Authorities: 5 killed in Seattle apartment fire

5 killed, including children, in Seattle townhouse fire, authorities say

Authorities: 5 killed in Seattle townhouse fire

Wash. refinery, site of blast, fire that killed 7, will stay closed at least through September

Wash. refinery where 7 died won’t open before Sept

Federal investigator says ruptured part caused blast, fire that killed 7 at Wash. refinery

Rupture caused Wash. refinery blast that killed 7

Anonymous donor offers to pay notorious Northwest teen burglar $50,000 to turn himself in

Donor offers $50K if ‘Barefoot Bandit’ surrenders

Sea otter that survived 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill dies at Seattle aquarium

Sea otter that survived ‘89 spill dies in Seattle

Senator announces $44 million in federal money for repairs at Green River dam south of Seattle

Feds giving $44M for fix at weakened Seattle dam

Seattle tourist ‘Duck’ rides roll despite arson; employee arrested for arson investigation

Seattle tourist ‘Duck’ rides roll despite arson

Plans percolating to reopen some San Francisco creeks that last saw daylight in Gold Rush era

Plans percolate to revive some SF native creeks