Hurricane Earl Update: Outer Bank Receives Flood

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Saturday, September 4, 2010

MIAMI ( On Friday night the much anticipated Hurricane Earl lashed at Cap Cod’s fishing villages with a force lesser than what was being anticipated. Although at the beginning of the week, Hurricane Earl gained speed and meteorologists predicted that it might escalate to the category 4 storm when it strikes the northeast coast of United States, it lost much of its speed and on Friday night Hurricane Earl only brought some heavy wind-driven rain to the coast. As per reports, Hurricane Earl lashed on the Northeast coast with a wind speed of around 70 miles per hour.

Before arriving at the New England coasts on Friday night, Hurricane Earl made its presence felt at North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Late on Thursday Hurricane Earl lost much of its strength and slid down to Category 4 storm to category 2 storm with the wind speed falling from 140 miles per hour to 105 miles per hour. However, early on Friday at it lashed on Buxton, the southernmost part of the Outer Banks, the Category 2 storm was able to create flood in some regions of the state. Although it is not known exactly the amount of damage done by Hurricane Earl in the Outer Banks, National Weather Service meteorologist Chris Collins said to media sources that Hurricane Earl produced little storm and minor flooding in some coastal counties. However, no injuries in the counties were reported.

Hurricane Earl has however not spent itself totally as of yet and the National Hurricane Center announced that Hurricane Earl will reach the coast of Nova Scotia on Saturday. However, with the updated status of Hurricane Earl, it seems that the storm will have negligible effect on the coast of Nova Scotia.

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