Barricade collapses during Vancouver concert; city says ‘approximately’ 19 people injured

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Concert barricade collapses; 19 people injured

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — A surging crowd of Olympic partygoers caused a barricade to collapse during a free concert, leaving “approximately” 19 people injured.

Nine people were taken to the hospital for further evaluation, Vancouver officials added. One person may have a broken leg. The city said all those injured were treated at the scene in the onsite medical facility.

A section of the barricade gave way Tuesday night during a set by the Canadian band Alexisonfire at Vancouver’s David Lam Park before a crowd of about 7,000. The rest of the concert at Live City Yaletown was called off, along with a fireworks display.

Midway into the band’s first song, the crowd caused the barricade to give way, according to a statement from the City of Vancouver. The band stopped playing immediately and asked fans to step back. The crowd left after it was told the show was off.

“Everyone acted quickly, professionally, and took appropriate action,” City Manager Penny Ballem said. “The security and onsite emergency medical response teams provided immediate assistance and care, the band kept people calm and the crowd dispersed safely.”

Live Nation, the concert producer, has used similar barricades at concerts for more than 20 years and this was the first time such a thing happened, the city said.

The city said the barricade will be replaced and the site will reopen Wednesday.

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