Car Mishap on Brimorton Drive Kills 1, 1 Injured
BELLAMY ROAD, CANADA ( -- In a car mishap on Sunday morning, a 28 year old man was killed on Brimorton Drive near Bellamy Road.
One Dead, One Critically injured in Twin Accident in Vancouver
VANCOUVER, CANADA ( -- In an unfortunate turn of event, one constructor worker was killed and another was severely injured in two separate accidents which took place within blocks and minutes of each other downtown Vancouver on Thursday.
Psychologist Rules Ashley Smith’s Death As Accident
KITCHENER, CANADA ( Ashley Smith's death was an accident and not a suicide, according to a report by psychologist Dr.

Nodar Kumaritashvili's "relative lack of experience" on challenging tracks played a significant role in his death during a training run hours before the start of the Vancouver Olympics, according to a coroner's report released Monday.

GARDEN CITY, N.Y. - Aircraft from a Canadian company that built the jetliner involved in an emergency landing in New York City last weekend have experienced at least three other landing gear problems in the past two years, Federal Aviation Administration documents show.
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