Bombay House Sets On Fire
MUMBAI, INDIA ( A major fire broke out in the basement of the famous Bombay House building, located in South Mumbai.
Earthquake In India: Origin In Pakistan
DELHI, INDIA ( Pakistan was rocked by a strong earthquake today morning and it created panic among the residents who ran for safety.
Sabarimala Tragedy: Kerala Government Faces Heat
VANDIPERIYAR, INDIA ( On Friday, nearly 102 people died and more than 50 people were injured at an unfortunate stampede near the hill shrine of Sabarimala.
Sankranti Marred By Accidents
JAMSHEDPUR, INDIA ( The citizens in various parts of India are yet to come out of the Sankranti celebration mood but the festive occasion did not pass without its shares of mishaps.
Sabarimala Accident Shocks Nation
VANDIPERIYAR, INDIA ( More than 100 people died and nearly 50 were injured during a stampede near the hill shrine of Sabarimala on Friday, law enforcement officials have reported.
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