San Diego

Saddletramps Motorcycle Club Crash: Driver Detained
SAN DIEGO ( Biker Ramirez, one of the members of the Saddletramps Motorcycle Club could never have imagined that their celebration of the tenth anniversary of the club could have ended in such a horrifying manner.
Splendor Cruise Ship At San Diego
SAN DIEGO ( The disabled cruise ship Carnival Splendor which caught fire on Monday morning and subsequently became immobile near the coast of Mexico has been brought to San Diego port, says the latest update.
Carnival Cruise Fire Tragedy Ends
MEXICO ( The carnival Splendor which was hit by an engine room fire on Monday morning and came to a standstill near the coast of Mexico for hours is finally getting relief and the passengers are a relieved lot now.

JULIAN, Calif. - An earthquake has shaken a rural area of San Diego County but there are no reports of any damages or injuries.
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