Hurricane Karl Causes Worry

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Friday, September 17, 2010

GULF OF MEXICO ( Several states of the USA are facing the wrath of tropical storms these days and after Julia, Hurricane Karl is keeping the weather officials on tenterhooks. The Gulf Coast region may be subjected to flooding and mudslide as Karl has gained strength and transformed in to a category 3 hurricane as per the latest news. The storm after gaining strength was heading towards the Gulf region. It has reached the speed of 120 miles per hour which makes it a very powerful storm. The oil industry in Mexico had to stall operations after Karl lashed the Yucatan Peninsula.

Pemex the State-run oil giant evacuated the platforms falling in the way of the storm and stopped production at more than a dozen wells. Two Mexican oil export ports were shut down as the Hurricane Karl passed over the places. The US national hurricane center is of the view Karl can cause significant damage once it hits land. It is also keeping close tab on two other hurricanes Julia and Igor. The U.S. National Hurricane Center also said that the wind speed of Karl may shoot up even further after it makes landfall. The Mexican government has cautioned that Veracruz state may be lashed by the storm soon.

The USA is going through an active hurricane season this year as storm experts have conceded. Since the beginning of the Hurricane season, southern Veracruz residents have suffered from extensive flooding. The officials are worried as Hurricane Karl may cause further flooding and raise the water levels in rivers. The administration is geared up for evacuation and rescue.

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