Oil Spill Stopped Temporarily

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Friday, July 16, 2010

NEW ORLEANS (GaeaTimes.com)- The oil spill was stopped by BP on Thursday which was gushing from the Gulf of Mexico but the officials warned that the pipes below the ocean floor might be so damaged that it cannot handle a full seal on a long term basis. BP carefully monitored half-turns of a valve 5,000 feet under the sea. The Senior Vice President of BP, Kent Walls was excited when he shared the news in the press conference and added that it was indeed good to see oil not going into the Gulf of Mexico.

The oil spill stopped by BP was the best news that southeast Louisiana had heard in last few months. The President of the United Commercial Fisherman’s Association, George Barisich was not convinced and he said that the officials always ‘have to’ be guarded in a situation like that. However, President Barack Obama called the seal which was affixed to the well as a positive sign and added that it was still a testing phase. Thad Allen, the former Coast Guard admiral said that the seismic tests conducted before the pressure test showed that there weren’t any developments on the seafloor or in the formation that would be problematic in proceeding with the well integrity test.

The oil spill is,however, stopped temporarily with the 150,000 pound, custom build cap to provide two new connections that would provide four ships to collect the oil at once. Thad Allen said that a full seal would be a side benefit for the whole process. However, BP has now begun its 48 hours of close watch to see if the well with seal will hold or blow a new leak.

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