Crews working to cap abandoned oil well spewing near Gulf after barge hit it

Crews work to cap new La. oil leak near Gulf

100 days of oil: For residents of the Gulf Coast, nothing is the same as it used to be

100 days of oil: Gulf life will never be the same

Reid introducing pared-down energy and oil bill following collapse of climate legislation

Reid introducing pared-down energy and oil bill

Feinberg says he will disclose salary BP is paying him to administer Gulf fund

Feinberg says he will divulge his salary

WASHINGTON — The administrator of a $20 billion Gulf oil spill compensation fund said Tuesday that he will disclose the salary BP is paying him, after initially declining to do so.

Wildlife soaked in oil, odor spreads after pipeline leaks 840K gallons into Kalamazoo River

Michigan oil spill soaks wildlife, causes odor

China Oil Spill: Cleanup Measures Undertaken

Smithsonian’s vast invertebrate collection could help determine full impact of Gulf oil spill

Smithsonian holdings to aid researchers in Gulf

A storm in the forecast shuts down BP effort to kill Gulf oil well; a 2-week delay is possible

A gathering storm halts Gulf oil well work

Major oil companies pool $1 billion for new rapid response system for spills; BP excluded

Big Oil plans rapid response to future spills

House approves bills to improve oil spill clean up, promote new offshore drilling technology

House approves drilling safety, clean up bills

Gulf oil spill chief says he’s working only for victims but tough decisions must be made

Spill fund chief: working only for victims

Storms threaten to shut down BP’s work to permanently plug leaky Gulf of Mexico well

Storms threaten to shut down BP’s Gulf well work

China’s largest reported oil spill is ’severe threat’ to sea life, water on Yellow Sea coast

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BP: Payments to residents and businesses hurt Gulf oil spill top $200M

BP: Payments top $200M for Gulf oil spill loses

First family in Maine to visit scenic national park on latest weekend getaway from Washington

The White House

Obama, family in Maine on latest weekend getaway from Washington pressure cooker

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

Senators look for smoking gun linking BP oil deal, release of Lockerbie bomber

Senators look for smoking gun in BP-Lockerbie link

Some oil spill events on Friday, July 16, 2010

President Barack Obama

Washington all shook up by minor quake, but President Obama says he didn’t feel a thing

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

Obama says cap on Gulf oil spill is ‘good news,’ scientists continue to analyze data from cap

Barack Obama

BP is encouraged by early results from cap on Gulf well; no sign of underground leak

The White House
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First family to visit scenic Maine park, hope to leave behind the Obama travel jinx

The White House

Oil Spill Stopped Temporarily

For some Gulf Coast residents hurt by oil leak, it’s hard to believe BP has finally stopped it

Some have trouble believing BP stopped oil leak

85 days, 16 hours and 25 minutes: BP finally stops oil from Gulf gusher _ for now

President Barack Obama, daughter Sasha Obama and wife

Congressional committee investigating Gulf oil spill expands probe to include abandoned wells

Oil spill probe now includes abandoned wells

A by-the-numbers look at the Gulf oil spill

A by-the-numbers look at the Gulf oil spill

Some oil spill events from Thursday, July 15, 2010

US President Barack Obama

BP finally cuts off the oil leak in the Gulf; now the question is whether the well will hold

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan
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Obama calls halt to oil spill ‘positive sign’ though effort still in testing phase

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

First batch of sea turtle hatchlings rescued from oily Gulf of Mexico released into Atlantic

Sea turtles rescued from Gulf spill released

Southern La. shelter overrun with animals as struggling Gulf pet owners are forced to give up

Shelters filling up as Gulf pet owners struggle

Feinberg says $20 billion Gulf oil fund set up by BP will begin payments in early August

$20 billion oil fund to begin payments in August

House panel OKs bill to overhaul oil drilling agency, slow its revolving door with industry

House panel OKs overhaul of oil drilling agency

BP says oil spill costs rise above $3 billion, $147 million paid to settle individual claims

BP oil spill costs rise above $3 billion

LONDON — BP says that it has now spent more than $3 billion in attempts to stop an oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico and to settle damage claims.

Winds, choppy seas delays some oil spill cleanup efforts along Gulf coast

Rough weather curtails some Gulf cleanup work

Jimmy Buffett puts on free show at sister’s restaurant on Ala. coast; hundreds show up

Free show by Jimmy Buffett along Alabama coast

Alex, Atlantic’s 1st hurricane of season, rumbles toward Mexico, Texas coastlines

President Barack Obama
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Scientists to whisk some 70,000 turtle eggs away from oil spill in rare effort to save species

Some 70,000 turtle eggs to be whisked far from oil

Strengthening Alex expected to become hurricane as it moves toward US-Mexico border area

Strengthening Alex expected to become hurricane

Tropical storm could be latest blow to containing massive Gulf spill; forecasters watch path

Storm could be latest problem in spill cleanup

Forecasters: Tropical storm Alex forms in Caribbean; unclear if it will hit oiled Gulf

Unclear if tropical storm Alex will hit oiled Gulf

Forecasters: Tropical storm forms Alex in Caribbean; not on track for oiled Gulf

Tropical storm Alex not on track for Gulf

MIAMI — The first tropical storm of the Atlantic 2010 hurricane season has formed in the Western Caribbean, but it’s not on track to pass over the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Obama’s point man on the Gulf oil spill cleanup will visit the region next week