APNewsBreak: Analysis hasn’t begun on device designed to halt spill; raised from sea Sept. 4

APNewsBreak: Blowout preventer testing not started

With drilling ban about to end, oil industry has yet to adopt the lessons of the BP spill

Oil industry has yet to adopt lessons of BP spill

Companies ask judge to postpone until 2012 trial to determine fault in Gulf oil spill

Judge asked to postpone trial for Gulf spill cases

With oil gone, feds reopen more than 5,000 square miles of Gulf of Mexico for fishing

Large chunk of Gulf of Mexico reopened to fishing

BP, government begin next phase of assessing ecosystem damage caused by Gulf oil spill

Next phase of Gulf spill damage assessment starts

Once an academic backwater, Gulf of Mexico becomes a font of research dollars after BP spill

Gold rush on the Gulf: Researchers clamor for cash

Obama urged to seek spill penalties to pay for Gulf coast restoration, help states after spill

Obama endorses using fines for Gulf rehabilitation

AP source: No negotiations under way between Obama administration, BP over possible settlement

AP source: No administration negotiations with BP

APNewsBreak: Congressman says BP, Obama administration discussing oil spill fine settlement

APNewsBreak: BP, feds in talks over spill fines

Congressman says BP, Obama administration trying to reach settlement on oil spill fines

Congressman: BP, feds in talks over spill fines

Obama urged to seek spill penalties to pay for Gulf coast restoration after oil spill

Obama urged to use spill fines to restore Gulf

BP fund czar, responding to criticism from Gulf residents, promises bigger, faster claims

BP fund czar promises bigger, faster claims

With well killed, BP works to determine its own estimate of how much oil spilled in Gulf

BP works on own estimate for amount of oil spilled

Charity running $100M BP fund for Gulf rig workers affected by moratorium says interest low

Not many takers for BP Gulf rig worker fund

Gulf fund czar: No pay earned for spill cleanup to be subtracted from lost revenue claims

BP fund czar: No deduction for spill cleanup wages

Well’s official death marks milestone, as Gulf assesses harm and looks ahead

The well is dead, but Gulf challenges live on

Blown-out BP oil well at bottom of Gulf declared dead 5 months after disaster began

Blown-out BP well finally killed at bottom of Gulf

Depending on pressure test results, officials can declare blown-out BP oil well dead

Test will tell if BP oil well can be declared dead

Pressure test needed on blown-out BP oil well, last step before declaring it dead

Last test needed before declaring BP oil well dead

Cement flows as BP crews work to permanently seal the blown-out oil well in the Gulf of Mexico

Cement flows for permanent plug of BP’s Gulf well

BP: Cement being pumped in to permanently seal company’s blown-out well in Gulf of Mexico

Cement starts flowing to plug BP well for good

BP’s Gulf oil well close to being plugged for good after relief well intersects it

Gulf oil well on verge of being plugged for good

US government: Relief well has intersected blown-out BP well in Gulf of Mexico

Relief well intersects blown-out BP well in Gulf

Transocean, US government resolve dispute over how blowout preventer being handled

Transocean, US resolve dispute over key evidence

Companies battle government in court over handling of key evidence in Gulf oil spill

Companies accuse gov’t of bungling spill evidence

Oil no longer on surface, but scientists dig into the dirt of Gulf floor and strike black gold

Where’s the oil? On the Gulf floor, scientists say

Scientists find patches of oil believed from BP on Gulf sea floor, some 2 inches thick

Researchers: Thick coat of oil on Gulf sea floor

AP ENTERPRISE: News monitor, anti-Palin group among those landing US Gulf spill contracts

Sarah Palin

Coast Guard: Failed blowout preventer from Gulf spill arrives at NASA facility for analysis

Oil well blowout preventer reaches NASA facility

Small fire extinguished aboard Gulf petroluem platform; 2nd fire for Mariner Energy in a week

Company puts out 2nd Gulf platform fire in a week

Fed scientists planning more sea turtle releases in Gulf, studies of long-term spill effects

Feds plan more sea turtle releases in Gulf

No mention of regret, apology, pollution in internal report by BP over massive Gulf spill

Regret, apology not part of BP’s oil spill report

BP report blames itself, other companies’ workers, series of failures for Gulf oil spill

BP report blames itself, others for oil spill

BP: Multiple companies and work teams contributed to oil spill disaster in Gulf of Mexico

BP: Multiple companies, teams contributed to spill

BP to release report on internal probe on Gulf of Mexico disaster before key evidence analyzed

All eyes on BP report on Gulf oil spill disaster

Justice Department won’t say whether key piece of oil spill evidence is on its way to shore

US won’t say if blowout preventer on way to shore

BP carefully raises blowout preventer, key evidence in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

BP raises blowout preventer, key evidence in probe

BP: Blowout preventer that failed to stop Gulf of Mexico oil leak removed from well

BP: Failed blowout preventer removed from well

Crews prepare to raise failed blowout preventer, key piece of evidence in BP’s oil spill

Crews prepare to raise failed blowout preventer

All 13 crew members rescued from Gulf oil platform fire in chaos different from BP spill