Hurricane Alex Threatening Oil-Spill Containment

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, June 29, 2010

GULF OF MEXICO ( Tropical Storm Alex which is gathering steam and turning into a powerful hurricane slowly have caused 10 casualties in areas like El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua. It will reach the area in Louisiana coast that is being affected by the BP oil spill. The high waves caused by the storm may delay BP’s plans to send another containment vessel to the leak site by at least a week. BP officials admitted the possibility saying it would hamper the work. The blown out well beneath the sea water is letting out 60000 barrels of oil per day. The existing containment system of the oil giant can tackle up to 28,000 barrels a day. The new containment addition could have increased the limit to 53000 barrels a day.

BP also said that the cleanup cost has risen to $100 million per day. Speculations are doing the round on the possible resignation of Tony Hayward, the BP chief though the company has not confirmed it. The BP oil spill has become a cause of concern at the Gulf Of Mexico and it is running into three months by now. The marine life has been damaged and the experts have warned of severe and long lasting damage to the ecology. The incident has made the US government putting pressure on the UK based oil giant to stop the leakage. The hurricane named Alex has made things worse for BP.

Hurricane Alex can also make the cleanup work going on at the Louisiana coast very tough for the thousands of workers. It seems before the relief well becomes operational the leakage cannot be plugged.

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