Police say flash floods drown up to 6 in Camp Albert Pike region of Montgomery Co.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Police say up to 6 dead in Arkansas floods

CADDO GAP, Ark. — Flash floods triggered by up to a half-foot of rain swamped campgrounds along a pair of southwestern Arkansas rivers late Thursday and early Friday. Emergency workers said up to six people had drowned.

State police said some people remained trapped Friday morning along the Caddo and Little Missouri rivers in the rugged Ouachita Mountains of western Arkansas. Hikers and campers flock to the area, 75 miles west of Little Rock, for its gorges and scenic views. Others have second homes or cabins in the area.

Department of Emergency Management spokeswoman Renee Preslar said that up to six people could have died in the flood but that with victims at two locations it was difficult to say whether that number was correct.

Arkansas State police spokesman Sadler said there were conflicting reports on the number of dead and whether those killed were residents or campers. Montgomery County Deputy Buzz Robins said there were multiple victims and that attempts were being made to rescue others.

Sadler said the National Guard sent in helicopters.

The rivers rose sharply after heavy rains overnight.

Marty Trexler, a senior meteorologist with the National Weather Service office at North Little Rock, said 5.64 inches of rain fell at Mt. Ida, the county seat, and that some parts of the county received up to 6 inches of rain.

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