Indian Navy intercepts foreign ship fleeing Mumbai

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MUMBAI - The Indian Navy Tuesday intercepted a foreign merchant ship off the coast of Diu by firing a warning shot at the fleeing vessel.

According to a navy spokesperson, the Coast Guard received a tip off from police about the Bahamas flagged merchant ship, Dynamic Striker, fleeing Mumbai port without completing necessary formalities.

A Coast Guard ship set sail and a Dornier aircraft was flown to track the ship. The navy also diverted its warship INS Agray to seach and intercept the ship, the spokesperson said.

Initially, INS Agray couldn’t establish contact with the fleeing ship as it had switched off its communication system.

INS Agray after trying all means to call the attention of the ship fired one warning shot ahead of the bows of the ship, which brought the ship to a halt and made it open her communication lines, said the spokesperson.

The ship was then ordered to return to Mumbai under the escort of INS Agray.

Police have registered an FIR against the 22 crew members onboard the ship

The vessel, with 34,752 tonnes of coal on board, arrived at the Mumbai port Oct 28 and was anchored there for unloading. The vessel allegedly left the port without informing anybody. The ship crew is likely to be questioned once the ship reaches Mumbai.

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