Haiti Earthquake Pictures, Update

By Ronee, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, January 13, 2010

HAITI, (GaeaTimes.com) - The picture updates of Haiti Earthquake gives us a glimpse of the devastation that has threatened the Caribbean nation. Most of the information and pictures that we get of this incident is through social networking sites. Twitters and Facebook are widely publishing pictures of this tragic occurrence. This unfortunate incident has partly blurred communication with Haiti. Web has now formed the primary source of sharing the news and giving new updates.

The magnitude of the Haiti earthquake was almost 7.0 and it centered around 10 miles (about 15 kilometers) of west Port-au-Prince. The earthquake resulted in injuring many, killing some and toppling a number of buildings. This is one of the strongest earthquakes that the Caribbean region has experienced in recent years. A hospital was collapsed. The National Palace and the U.N. peace keeper headquarters were highly affected. Communication was almost impossible.

In fact, the clog in communication was the other factor that led to the widespread panic to be spread among people, who were unable to get to know the conditions in which their relatives in Haiti were in. It is only via the pictures and updates available on the internet, that people could relate to the incident mostly. The updates and pictures of Haiti Earthquake gives us a partial view of the devastation and trauma that the natural calamity stirred.

Various internet sites and celebrities are arranging for donations and supports. Singer Wyclef Jean, a native of Haiti, is encouraging donation for his Yele Haiti Foundation through Twitter. People are eagerly waiting for more updates and a more concrete picture of Haiti Earthquake situation so that they can form a clear picture of how big the destruction has been.

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