Cholera Outbreak In Haiti

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Saturday, October 23, 2010

SAINT MARC, HAITI ( President Rene Preval announced yesterday that a sudden cholera outbreak has claimed about 196 lives in Haiti. The media outlets report that cholera had struck in the Artibonite and Central Plateau regions in Haiti and infected 2,634 people or more. Haitian President Rene Preval said that he can confirm it to be cholera, and the President is making sure that the people are aware of the “precautionary measures” that they will have to take to prevent the disease from spreading.

Haiti was affected by a massive earthquake in January when thousands of people were left homeless. However, the health officials are afraid that the death toll may rise if the epidemic reaches the earthquake affected area. The health ministry thinks that the outbreak of cholera was caused by drinking the contaminated water from the Artibonite river. Alex Larsen, the Health minister has already announced emergency prevention program and asked everyone to boil food and drinking water, stop drinking water from rivers, wash hands properly and also not to eat raw vegetables.

Claude Surena, president of the Haitian Medical Association told the media outlets that medical teams and medical supplies have been provided at the worst affected areas where the victims are provided with 10,000 boxes of purification “sachets” and proper medicines. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced that Canada will contribute $1 million to help the victims in Haiti. World Health Organization officials said that cholera has been reported in Haiti after more than a century. The health officials are now putting in their best efforts to prevent cholera from spreading in the other parts of the country. Dr Gabriel Thimote, the director general of health department said that the worst affected areas are Marchand Dessalines, Douin and other areas of Saint-Marc.

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