Four tourists mauled by shark at Egyptian resort

Thursday, December 2, 2010

LONDON - Four Russian tourists have been severely mauled by a shark in two attacks at an Egyptian Red Sea resort, a media report said Thurday.

While two people’s arms were bitten off by a white tip shark when they were swimming in the Ras Nasrani area of Sharm el-Sheikh, the same shark was reportedly involved in another attack on a second Russian couple Wednesday, an official named Mohammed Salem was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

In the second incident, the shark badly injured the woman’s legs and back and she had to be resuscitated after her rescue. The man also suffered serious injuries to his legs.

Diving instructor Hassan Salem said he was on a dive at the time of the attack and was circled by the shark before it went for the couple.

“I was able to scare the shark away by blowing bubbles in its face, but then saw it swim to a woman and bite her legs,” he said.

Salem said the water turned red with blood from the attack and he rushed to take out the diver he was training in the water.

All four victims were flown to Cairo for treatment and were in critical condition.

Salem said coast guard authorities were hunting for the shark and had issued a warning for swimmers to stay out of the water.

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