Cameras to monitor crime in Noida

Friday, July 30, 2010

NOIDA - Cameras mounted at vantage points in crowded areas that will be monitored 24X7 and other technology-based mapping systems and information systems will make this growing city safer for residents and those who come to work and study here, Noida Authority chairman and CEO Mohinder Singh said here.

“Cameras will be mounted at vantage points and will be monitored round-the-clock by the central control room and we are in the process of integrating all the data about the city and mapping it with an advanced GIS (Geographical Information Systems) technology, which will be in place soon,” Singh told students of the newly launched International Media Institute of India (IMII) in an interaction during a visit Thursday.

Mohinder Singh concedes the industrial town on the outskirts of the national capital, with its malls, condominiums, top IT and media companies and educational institutes, has an unsavoury reputation when it comes to crime. He says he hopes that will change when people learn more about what Noida is doing to combat criminals and make the city safer.

“There are already 75 patrol vehicles of the Noida police which are on duty 24×7 and are being constantly monitored by a control room.” Besides, Noida police has also launched a police helpline, 100, that will make the police accessible to the public round the clock.

“It took quite some time for us to train those attending to the helpline calls,” Singh said. “At first, before the service was launched, I posed as a caller, and dialled 100. And they were initially grilling me with questions. However, now, after training, the officials are efficient and reply very politely.”

The system is, in fact, efficient. When two journalism students called the number after seeing a girl being harassed in the Sector 18 market, Noida police officials were quick to react.

Singh said improvements like surveillance systems and the GIS will be implemented shortly.

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