Philippines Earthquake Make Headlines

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Saturday, July 24, 2010

SUMATRA ( The Moro Gulf of Mindanao Island in Philippines was hit by a total of 6 quakes today morning and this created sensation among the residents. The strong quakes were followed by another strong quake which hit Indonesia’s northern Sumatra region. Later the U.S. Geological Survey confirmed the incidents. The final quake had rattled the Padangsidempuan city of Sumatra a little after 9 am. The very first quake hit Philippines in the morning and it had a strength of 7.3. The agency reported that the quake had hit 62 miles far from Mindanao’s Cotabato city.

The good thing about the Philippines earthquakes is that though all of the quakes were quite powerful no one was injured or killed after they hit the region. Moreover the possibility of the islands being hit by a tsunami was also dismissed by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. Generally such strong quakes cause tsunami in the affected region. Philippines and Indonesia are situated on the well known Pacific Ring of Fire which makes them vulnerable to quakes. This region is also known to witness the clash of tectonic plates which can cause severe natural calamities. Three of the quakes that rocked Philippines had intensity in excess of 7 as the reports have shown.

In North Sulawesi of Indonesia a lot of residents could feel the ground shaking beneath their feet which made them alarmed and they ran to safer places. However, they were relieved when they returned to their houses and saw that the quake had not damaged their buildings. Some people ran for their lives when they were at the breakfast table in Philippine.

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