Sumatra Rocked By Earthquake
JAKARTA, INDONESIA ( An earthquake of magnitude 7.7 on the Richter scale has hit the western coast of Sumatra island in Indonesia on Monday morning.
6000 Villagers Returns to Sumatra’s Volcanic Slope
TANAH KARO, INDONESIA ( -- Despite of a huge risk, thousands of villagers are returning back to the villages near Mt.

TANAH KARO, Indonesia - Thousands of villagers returned to their homes along the ash-covered slopes of an Indonesian volcano that exploded after four centuries of dormancy, even though officials warned they could be putting their lives at risk.
Mount Sinabung in Sumatra Erupts Again on Moday
SUKA NALU ( -- An Indonesian volcano named Mount Sinabung which was dormant for four centuries has erupted again on Monday.

TANAH KARO, Indonesia - Tens of thousands of people packed emergency shelters after a long-dormant volcano in western Indonesia spewed clouds of hot ash and smoke more than a mile (several kilometers) into the air - an eruption that caught scientists off-guard.
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