United Nations close its offices in Peshawar (Pakistan) for two days due to recent act of terrorism;

By kaswarklasra, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ISLAMABAD: In the wake of increasing terrorist activities, United Nations on Tuesday announced a two-day closure of its offices in Peshawar (Pakistan).

The decision was taken following a deadly attack on the US consulate in the city that had killed 11 people.” For security reasons, United Nations’ offices in Peshawar have closed temporarily for two days,” UN spokeswoman Ishrat Rizvi told reporters on Tuesday evening.

“We took this step as a precautionary measure and for the protection of our staff, we have advised them to work from home for two days. This step was taken because of security fears,” she added.

It is pertinent to mention here that six attackers on Monday attacked US consulate in the provincial capital, Peshawar, with a barrage of suicide attacks, grenades and gunfire. They killed six security personnel and injured 20 people.

In the same evening Tehrik-I-Taliban claimed responsibility of fresh attack. Talking to reporters Taliban spokesman Azam Tariq accepted responsibility for Monday’s attacks, warning of more strikes if Pakistan continued its campaign in the tribal region.

It is important to mention here that US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton condemned Monday’s strikes. In the wake of act of terrorism, UN has announced to close its offices for two day.

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