Yele Donations To Help Haiti

By Sayantika, Gaea News Network
Friday, January 15, 2010

HAITI, ( Destruction caused by the massive earthquake in Haiti has affected the life of thousands of people in the region and different organizations from all over the world have come forward to aid the victims of this natural disasters. The popular celebrity Wyclef Jean has taken some great steps to support the victims of the Haiti earthquake. As per the reports, the Yele donations to help Haiti victims is considered to be a remarkable achievement.

As per the reports, Yele Haiti Foundation has done an excellent job by raising over $400,000 to help the people who have lost their loved ones in this earthquake. It has been reported that the foundation has collected the donations via text messages and it indicates that common men from different places have lent a hand to support the victims. The island nation had been completely shaken by the earthquake on Tuesday and the money collected by Yele Foundation is expected to provide great help to people.

Though many people have appreciated the Yele donations to help Haiti residents, some consider that it would have been better if any major organization have received the donation. As per the reports, the major organizations have all the equipments required for disaster management and they could have mobilized the aid in a much better manner than the Yele Foundation, who does not have adequate tools, expertise as well as logistics for supporting the people. Some people might not have appreciated the job done by the organization, it is still a great step and states how much common men as well as celebrity care for the people of Haiti.

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