YOGYAKARTA - The death toll from the eruptions of Indonesia's Mount Merapi rose to 240 Saturday as the search for more victims was ongoing, a disaster official said.

MOUNT MERAPI, INDONESIA (GaeaTimes.com)- The incessant eruptions of Mount Merapi the active Indonesian Volcano has kept the government in the country on tenterhooks and it has also compelled a number of international airlines operating around the region to suspend their flight operations.
Mount Merapi Stalls Flight Operations
YOGYAKARTA, INDONESIA (GaeaTimes.com)- Mount Merapi, the volcano in Indonesia that erupted a few days back and put the administration on tenterhooks is now giving sleepless nights to airlines that operate in the country.
Mount Merapi Spews Lava Again
YOGYAKARTA, INDONESIA (GaeaTimes.com)- Mount Merapi which is known to be one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia erupted once again on Monday morning, spewing hot lava and cloud of ashes across 1.5 kilometers along its radius.
Indonesia Battered By Natural Calamity
KALIADEM, INDONESIA (GaeaTimes.com)- Indonesia is battling to cope with the aftereffects of natural calamities now.
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