SUKKUR, Pakistan - The call to prayer echoes through the tent village at dawn.

SUKKUR, Pakistan - Suhani Bunglani fans flies away from her two baby girls as one sleeps motionless while the other stares without blinking at the roof of their tent, her empty belly bulging beneath a green flowered shirt.

SUKKUR, Pakistan - As the disastrous floods recede in Pakistan, something new is rising: suspicions and rumors that powerful officials and landowners used their influence to divert water away from their property and inundate the villages and fields of millions of poor Pakistanis.

SUKKUR, Pakistan - Workers piled stones and sandbags to plug leaks in a levee protecting a southern Pakistani city Monday, as the floods that have destroyed homes, farmland and livelihoods moved slowly toward the sea.

SUKKUR, Pakistan - Authorities piled stones and sandbags to strengthen embankments protecting a city from rising waters in Pakistan on Monday as the floods moved slowly south after leaving thousands of square kilometers (miles) of destruction in their wake.
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