Psychologist Rules Ashley Smith’s Death As Accident
KITCHENER, CANADA (GaeaTimes.com)- Ashley Smith's death was an accident and not a suicide, according to a report by psychologist Dr.

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. - Environmentalists and some local government officials are protesting a Canadian power company's proposal to haul 16 scrapped generators with radioactive components across three of the Great Lakes on their way to a recycling plant in Sweden.

CHICAGO - A 12-foot section of a damaged pipeline that sent oil bubbling to the surface outside Chicago was being replaced Tuesday, and a federal official said crews hoped to fill in the excavation site this week.

CHICAGO - A Canadian company that is working to clean up oil spills outside Chicago and in southern Michigan has closed a third pipeline after a possible leak was found in New York.

CHICAGO - Crews on Monday removed a 12-foot section of pipe at the site of an oil spill outside Chicago that led to a spike in regional gasoline prices, but it could take weeks to clean up the contamination, federal officials said.
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