Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES - A female anti-immigrant vigilante has been sentenced to death in Arizona for orchestrating a raid on the house of a family of Hispanic-Americans in which a man and his young daughter were murdered.

LOS ANGELES - Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has succeeded in obtaining a restraining order against a man who reportedly used the social networking site to threaten his safety.

LOS ANGELES - Jared Lee Loughner, who is accused of shooting Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords earlier this month, pleaded not guilty Monday on three federal counts related to the deadly attack.

LOS ANGELES - At least three people have been shot at the Gardena High School in Los Angeles by a gunman suspected of being a student there, the Los Angeles Times reported, quoting emergency responders.
Reggie Doucet Shot Dead By LAPD
PLAYA VISTA (GaeaTimes.com)- A young model who used to be a MTSU football player earlier, was shot by a LAPD officer in Playa Vista region near his condo and he succumbed to his death yesterday.
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