Gulf claims fund administrator to reconsider subtracting cleanup wages from amount due

By Harry R. Weber, AP
Monday, September 13, 2010

Element of BP claims process to be reviewed

HOUMA, La. — The administrator of the $20 billion victims compensation fund that BP set up after the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill is considering making a significant concession following strong criticism from residents about the claims process.

The issue involves the current requirement that wages people have been paid to help skim oil and perform other cleanup work must be subtracted from the amount they get from the compensation fund.

Fund czar Kenneth Feinberg told hundreds of people who packed a convention center in Houma, La., on Monday that he is reconsidering that requirement. He said no decision has been made, but he understands the loud concerns raised by people who are still hurting.

The April 20 rig explosion killed 11 workers and led to 206 million gallons of oil spewing from BP’s undersea well.

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