Oil spill lawsuit judge chooses 15 lawyers for lead roles in multibillion-dollar case

Oil lawsuit judge picks 15 lawyers for lead roles

Records show Mississippi Gov. Barbour out of state a lot _ often campaigning for GOP

Miss. gov’s frequent travels raise ire back home

Contractor: Rig data before Gulf blast obscured because so many activities going at once

Contractor: Activity on busy rig obscured key data

Danube weathers sludge torrent; lab tests show high toxic levels in red slurry

Hungary’s red sludge nearly equals Gulf oil spill

Toxic red sludge spill in Hungary almost as big as Gulf Oil leak; tests carried out in Danube

Toxic sludge almost the size of Gulf Oil spill

Cross-country cyclist raising money for Gulf Coast oil spill victims killed in highway crash

Cyclist raising money for spill killed in crash

Hungarian officials recalculate volume of red sludge flood _ almost as much as Gulf oil spill

Hungary: Toxic sludge nearly as big as Gulf spill

Coast Guard says Lake Huron beach oil spill cleanup mostly complete, still investigating cause

Coast Guard: Most oil gone from Lake Huron beach

Toxic red sludge reaches the Danube, countries downstream test for damaging pollutants

Mighty Danube neutralizes toxic red sludge

Big payoff, case control awaits handful of lawyers seeking lead positions in massive BP case

Lawyers compete for big payoff, control in BP case

Spokesman says White House was candid with information about how bad Gulf oil spill could be

White House says it didn’t withhold oil spill info

Technician challenges BP’s claim on how long it would have taken to install key devices

Technician challenges BP’s claim on key devices

Coast Guard investigates source of oil spill polluting a Lake Huron beach at Mich. state park

Coast Guard investigates oil on Lake Huron beach

APNewsBreak: Analysis hasn’t begun on device designed to halt spill; raised from sea Sept. 4

APNewsBreak: Blowout preventer testing not started

Panel: White House blocked scientists release of worst-case spill numbers after BP disaster

Panel: Gov’t blocked scientists on spill estimate

Battle-tested turtles most frequent survivors of summer’s oil spill in Michigan river

Turtles most affected animal from Mich. oil spill

Panel: White House blocked public release of worst-case spill numbers

Panel: Gov’t thwarted worst-case scenario on spill

More Gulf waters reopened to commercial, recreational fishing; about 10 percent still closed

Government reopens more Gulf waters to fishing

Federal oil spill investigators: Transocean thwarting efforts to get documents, expert

Panel: Transocean thwarts efforts to get documents

Problems plague BP compensation fund as oil spill victims tell of slow, small, unfair payments

Problems plague BP’s oil spill compensation fund

With drilling ban about to end, oil industry has yet to adopt the lessons of the BP spill

Oil industry has yet to adopt lessons of BP spill

Salvage contractor: BP interfered with effort to close device meant to stop oil gusher

Contractor: BP interfered with critical efforts

Coast Guard official: Considering more than 100 survived, evacuation on doomed rig went well

Coast Guard: Evacuation on doomed rig went well

BP claims czar: Proximity to Gulf Coast no longer have a role in whether claimants are paid

BP claims czar: Proximity has no role in payment

Supreme Court won’t stop government from making oil company clean up spill at former refinery

Court won’t spare Apex from oil spill clean up

Federal panel looking for information about safety culture, other issues during spill hearings

US investigative panel meets for 5th time on spill

La. official known for criticizing BP and federal government over spill cruises to re-election

Official known for criticizing BP, feds re-elected

Osama bin Laden surfaces with humanitarian appeal for Pakistani floods in 2nd tape in 24-hours

Osama bin Laden softens tone, but to what end?

Companies ask judge to postpone until 2012 trial to determine fault in Gulf oil spill

Judge asked to postpone trial for Gulf spill cases

Interior opens revenue office for drilling royalties; move separates it from oversight agency

Interior creates revenue office for drilling

With oil gone, feds reopen more than 5,000 square miles of Gulf of Mexico for fishing

Large chunk of Gulf of Mexico reopened to fishing

British govt grants Chevron first new deepwater drilling permit since Gulf of Mexico spill

Chevron gets permission to drill off UK coast

BP says oil spill costs rise to $11.2 billion; Gulf of Mexico assets pledged as collateral

BP says oil spill costs rise to $11.2 billion

Officials say initial cleanup of Michigan oil spill finished but work continues on river floor

Initial cleanup of Michigan oil spill completed

Interior Department sets new rules for offshore drilling, a step toward lifting deepwater ban

Interior Dept. sets new offshore drilling rules

Gov’t ready to set new rules for offshore drilling, a step toward lifting deepwater ban

New offshore drilling rules coming Thursday

BP, government begin next phase of assessing ecosystem damage caused by Gulf oil spill

Next phase of Gulf spill damage assessment starts

Once an academic backwater, Gulf of Mexico becomes a font of research dollars after BP spill

Gold rush on the Gulf: Researchers clamor for cash

Obama urged to seek spill penalties to pay for Gulf coast restoration, help states after spill

Obama endorses using fines for Gulf rehabilitation

AP source: No negotiations under way between Obama administration, BP over possible settlement

AP source: No administration negotiations with BP

APNewsBreak: Congressman says BP, Obama administration discussing oil spill fine settlement

APNewsBreak: BP, feds in talks over spill fines

Congressman says BP, Obama administration trying to reach settlement on oil spill fines

Congressman: BP, feds in talks over spill fines

Administrator of BP fund says denied claims will get second look, may be paid after all

Many denied spill claims will get a second look

Gallup poll: 25 percent increase in depression cases along Gulf Coast since massive BP spill

Gallup: Depression up 25 percent on Gulf after oil

Gallup finds 25 percent increase in depression cases in Gulf since BP spill

Gallup finds 25 percent hike in depression in Gulf

Obama urged to seek spill penalties to pay for Gulf coast restoration after oil spill

Obama urged to use spill fines to restore Gulf

After 2-month shutdown, Enbridge gradually restarting service on oil pipeline in Michigan

Enbridge gradually restarts Michigan oil pipeline

Feds handling of BP spill compared to Custer’s Last Stand, man behind curtain in Wizard of Oz

Spill panel: Federal confusion lost public trust

About 100 people arrested in front of White House while protesting mountaintop mining

About 100 arrested in DC mountaintop mining rally

Report on whether oil drilling ban should be lifted is a month ahead of schedule

Drilling ban analysis due out a month early