Bay Area News: 53 Houses Engulfed by Explosion in Gas-Line

By Jayita, Gaea News Network
Friday, September 10, 2010

SAN BRUNO ( — At least 53 homes destroyed and 23 people were injured as a massive explosion sparked out in San Bruno last night. The explosion that supposedly formed in a gas-line forced people to run their lives leaving their residents. Those, who couldn’t manage to escape from the devastating inferno suffer minor to severe injury.

According to reports, the Bay area blast occurred after 6 p.m. The fire spread quickly as it was driven by wind and engulfed many homes that fell into its path. It was a horrible sight with the treetops set on fire and sky illuminated for miles and miles.

The fire workers arrived an hour after the explosion. But their efforts were interrupted by the breeze that blew more than 20 mph. At 9.45 the authorities conformed no deaths, although radio report suggests that one body had been found. The complete search of the area is hindered by the furious fire that is still out of control.

Meanwhile, the victims with serious burns are rushed to San Francisco Bay Area hospitals. Hospital officials have reported that four victims in critical condition while they anticipated more.

Pacific Gas and Electric officials, that serves the San Francisco Bay area has made a statement confirming that the ruptured gas-line belongs to them. But they declined any reason behind the blast.

As reported by a witness, a loud explosion and huge fireball preceded the blaze. The flames reached 60 feet high in the air after the initial explosion. People started screaming in fear of death and were desperately trying to save their belongings out of their burning homes.

Along with the fire authorities, planes and helicopters flying over the San Francisco- Bay area are helping out in the fire extinguishing process by dumping water.

We’ll keep you updated with more news on Bay area fire.

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