Small plane at Germany flight show crashed into spectators; 1 dead, several injured

By Juergen Baetz, AP
Sunday, September 5, 2010

Accident at German flight show kills 1

BERLIN — A pilot of a small propeller-driven plane lost control of his aircraft while taking off at a flight show in southern Germany and crashed into a group of spectators Sunday, leaving one person dead and up to 20 injured, police said.

The crash occurred at the Lilinghof airfield about 19 miles (30 kilometers) northeast of the city of Nuremberg, a police spokesman said. There were no immediate details on the severity of the injuries.

The spokesman, who declined to be named in line with department policy, said it was still unknown why the pilot of the biplane — with two wings, one above the other — lost control.

The flight show was to include stunts by small aircraft and sky divers, helicopter tours and tours with a Russian-built Antonov An-2 biplane, a program posted on the Lauf flight association’s website said.

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