STUTTGART - The father of German teenager Tim Kretschmer, who killed 15 people and then himself two years ago, walked free Thursday in a German court after being convicted of homicide through negligence.

OSCHERSLEBEN - A collision between two trains late Saturday in northern Germany left 10 people dead and 20 seriously injured, police told DPA.

ST GOARSHAUSEN - A motorised barge carrying 2,400 tonnes of sulphuric acid capsized and sank Thursday in Germany's scenic Rhine river gorge, leaving two of the four crew members missing in the flood-swollen river.

STUTTGART - German police searched the offices of Heckler and Koch, a German manufacturer of premium firearms, Tuesday over suspicions that its exports of rifles to Mexico may break German arms-export laws, prosecutors in Stuttgart said.

BRUEHL - One person was found dead while two other family members remained missing Sunday after an overnight explosion collapsed a home near the western German city of Cologne.
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