Chicago Blizzard 2011 Creates Havoc
CHICAGO ( The national Weather Service has announced that though rampage of blizzard is over but the temperature of the city is expected to fall down to 5 or below zero in next few days.
Lake Shore Drive Closed
CHICAGO ( Chicago's Lake Shore Drive was closed Tuesday evening after three unfortunate accidents took place and whiteout conditions turned it misleading.
Chicago Blizzard Slams U.S.
CHICAGO ( The National Weather Service predicted two days back that a massive blizzard would hit the city of Chicago along with 30 other states all across the country in 48 hours.
Chicago Blizzard To Rock U.S.
CHICAGO ( The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard watch from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday owing to the bad weather condition in Chicago.
Chicago Firefighters Killed After Building Collapse
CHICAGO ( - Two firefighters were killed and near about 17 were injured after they were trapped in a building while fighting a warehouse fire.
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