Man strangulates son to implicate friends

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NEW DELHI - Unable to return a loan of Rs.1.5 lakh to his friends, a man strangulated his four-year-old son in the capital to implicate the creditors in the murder, police said Tuesday.

The accused, Rakesh Kumar, a small-time businessman, was held from Najafgarh area on Monday. He had suffered losses in his business and had taken loans from various friends.

Kumar had complained to police Feb 9 that his son was missing and might have been kidnapped.

The kids dead body was recovered on Feb 10 from Najafgarh drain near Kakrola village. Rakesh’s friends informed us about the body. The autopsy report said that he was strangulated, said Deputy Commissioner of Police Sharad Agarwal.

During investigation, Kumar told the police that he suspected his friends to be involved in the crime as he had been unable to repay loans to them.

Later, he disclosed the truth and said that his friends were pressing hard for their money and his family was also taunting him for his failures.

Rakesh told us that he made a plan to kill his own son and to falsely implicate his friends so that they will get entangled in the case and will not demand their money, the police officer said.

The accused said that he hoped to gain his parents’ sympathy after the incident. He also thought that they might start supporting him financially.

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