In Delhi, traffic stops for only select VVIPs (With PMO orders inquiry into patient’s death)

Monday, December 20, 2010

NEW DELHI - In a city of movers and shakers, the Delhi traffic police has a very select list of VVIPs for whom traffic is stopped when their cavalcades pass, an officer said.

The list, the officer said, includes the convoys of President Pratibha Patil, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. Besides, traffic is also diverted for rallies, religious procession and marathons.

The officer said that traffic is usually stopped for a maximum of five to 10 minutes.

It depends for how long the dignitary stays at the spot of function. On the basis of that we decide for how long the vehicular movement has to be restricted, or the traffic is diverted to another route, the officer added.

But, after the traffic is allowed to move, there is often a logjam as there is a long line of vehicles trying to get ahead first.

We have more traffic jams happening after a VIP route is opened, especially if the road is narrow and congested, the officer said.

Anil Jain, a resident of Shahadara, had died of heart attack Sunday while he was on the way to GB Pant Hospital because his ambulance was held up due to traffic restrictions enforced for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s convoy, his family claimed Monday.

The ambulance was stuck in Rajghat Sunday night as the traffic was stopped to let the prime minister’s convoy through. His family said they were stopped for almost half-an-hour from 7.45 p.m. to 8.15 p.m. Sunday.

The Prime Minister’s Office Monday ordered an inquiry into the incident.

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