Delhi building collapse: People pitch in with relief work

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NEW DELHI - With little or no government help, survivors of the east Delhi building collapse are relying on voluntary organisations to help them in rehabilitation.

Members of an NGO, South Asian Forum for People Against Terror, Wednesday distributed food and water to about 100 survivors, who are living on the roadside since Monday night, when the five-storey building collapsed.

“We saw people complaining on TV channels about no food or water being made available to them. We have arranged for breakfast and lunch for 100 people. We will see what else can be done for them,” NGO member Ashok Randhawa told IANS.

Earlier too, it was the neighbours and other passers-by who contributed in rescue operations, and in removing the debris from the site.

Survivors have complained about lack of help from official agencies.

“We have been out in the open since Monday night. We are not getting food and water and the cold is killing us,” said Reena.

Authorities have evacuated three buildings in the area, and about 200 people are staying in the neighbourhood park.

“Many people are suffering from fever and there is no help from any corner. I have paid Rs.500 to an auto rickshaw driver to help me shift my luggage,” said Sukhdev Singh, a carpenter.

The women complained about the lack of washrooms.

“The police are not allowing us to use the toilets at our evacuated building. There are no public toilets around, so it is really difficult for us,” said 16-year-old Sandhya Haldar.

The building, inhabited by poor migrant families from Bihar and West Bengal and located in congested Lalita Park locality near the Yamuna river in east Delhi, collapsed around 8.15 p.m. Monday.

The tragedy left 66 people dead and 82 injured.

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