Indian-origin man stabs ex-lover 27 times

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DUBAI - An Indian-origin man, who was ditched by his girlfriend, allegedly stabbed her 27 times, a court was told here.

The 41-year-old computer programmer, known only as M.N., repeatedly stabbed the 23-year-old Filipina with a knife and also attacked her two Indian workmates when they tried to save her, Gulf News reported.

“I did not have any intention to kill her. The incident happened so suddenly. I did not pre-plan the whole matter. Besides I was under the influence of liquor,” M.N. told the Dubai Court of First Instance, while pleading not guilty.

The accused was charged with a premeditated murder attempt, causing permanent disability to the victim and assaulting her workmates.

The victim told the court Monday that the incident happened some time after she dumped him because he was married and because of their religious differences.

“I broke up with him because we couldn’t marry. He had earlier threatened to kill me if I ditched him.”

“He walked into the company where I worked as a receptionist. I told him that I would speak to him later because he was drunk. Suddenly he took out a knife and started stabbing me. He stabbed me around 20 times in my belly and when he was about to stab me in the chest, I escaped but he stabbed me seven times in my back and left shoulder,” the woman told the court.

The trial would resume Nov 11.

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