Cyprus TV presenter accused of ordering boss’ murder

Monday, June 7, 2010

NICOSIA - A television presenter in Cyprus allegedly ordered the murder of her employer after she was dismissed from her job, a court was told.

Elena Skordelli, 42, however, stood emotionless in court Monday and did not plead guilty to charges of paying hitmen to murder Andis Hadjicosts, chief executive officer (CEO) of SIGMA Television. She faced a maximum of life in prison if convicted, Xinhua reported.

Hadjicostis was gunned down outside his Nicosia home Jan 11.

Skordelli’s asked her brother, hitman Tassos Krasopoulis, 37, and three others to kill Hadjicosts. One of them has fled Cyprus, while the third one turned prosecution witness.

The prosecution witness said in court that Skordelli promised to pay the three killers 25,000 euros to kill Hadjicostis, who she held responsible for her dismissal.

“I want this man to die,” Skordelli allegedly told the three paid killers.

The prosecution lawyer, meanwhile, told the court that Skordelli and her brother had paid almost four million euros to buy shares in SIGMA TV, so she could become a television personality.

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