Guatemala Volcano Eruption Kills 3

By Soumitra Mondal, Gaea News Network
Friday, May 28, 2010

Guatemala ( According to latest reports a volcano eruption in Guatemala City killed at least 3 people. The Pacaya volcano, located about 15 miles south of Guatemala City, started erupting lava and rock from Thursday evening. The victims were crushed by the rocks strewn by the volcano.

Among the three people one is a Television reporter named Anibal Archila. He was very much close to the volcano and was hit by shower of rocks. Two others were the villagers from Ei Bejucal.

The Pacaya volcano has put an ash blanket on the city. In southern part of the city two or three inches of ash accumulated on streets. According to the Colom, the president, the runway at la Aurora international airport which is third busiest airport in the country, is covered with ash and had to be closed on Friday. Colom added that the states of Guatemala, Esccunitla were hardest hit and classes were canceled. The President declared a “State of Calamity” for 15 days.

At least 1600 or 1800 people closest to the volcano have been replaced in shelter after four villages near the volcano was evacuated. According to David de Leon, a spokesman of national disaster committee, three children of age between 7 and 12 were missing. The President also told that 4 people wee also missing.

There are 32 active volcanos in this city. Pacaya has been erupting since 1966. The last major eruption was in January 2000. The tourists visit near three lava flows formed due to lava eruption. But Pacaya vastly erupted today and caused death of 3 people.

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