Now, sting operations in Haryana police stations

Saturday, May 22, 2010

ROHTAK - Big Brother is always watching, at least in some Haryana police stations where sting operations are being conducted to keep tabs on personnel and ensure that they behave courteously with the public.

“We have started conducting sting operations in police stations located in Rohtak, Jhajjar, Sonepat, Panipat and Karnal districts. This exercise will make our officials more responsible and will remove the hesitation among public to approach the police,” V. Kamaraja, inspector general of police (Rohtak range), told IANS here Saturday.

“In the last few days, sting operations have been carried out in 25-30 police stations and posts. We found that 13 policemen behaved courteously with complainants whereas three cops did not deal with them properly and were not at all interested in even listening to them,” he added.

Kamaraja said that the lax cops were suspended with immediate effect and a departmental inquiry was ordered against them. Officials, found disciplined and dedicated towards their work, will be awarded cash prizes.

The sting operations also showed that while some officials were very responsive towards the complainants, they did not show any interest in filing an FIR (first information report).

“This time we have left those officials after giving them a strict warning. It is their duty to register an FIR and to fully assist the grieved people. But, in future, there would be no scope of leniency and we would deal with such erring officials with a stern hand,” he said.

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