Gray Summit

GRAY SUMMIT, Mo. - National Transportation Safety Board investigators examining the Missouri crash that killed a 15-year-old school bus passenger and the teen driver of a pickup truck are hopeful they'll learn something to make school buses and road work zones safer, an NTSB official said Friday.
Bus Crash In Missouri Claims Two Lives, 53 Wounded
GRAY SUMMIT ( A series of rear-end collisions involving four vehicles on Thursday killed two people and left around 50 injured.

GRAY SUMMIT, Mo. - What was supposed to have been a day of fun for a high school marching band turned into a day of chaos and tragedy, when the two buses taking them to an amusement park slammed into a highway wreck, killing a 15-year-old student and the driver of another vehicle.

GRAY SUMMIT, Mo. - The Missouri State Highway Patrol has identified the two people killed in a highway pileup that involved two school buses and two other vehicles.

GRAY SUMMIT, Mo. - One of two people killed in a Missouri highway crash involving two school buses and two other vehicles was a former University of Missouri football player who was the son of a state Senate candidate.
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