DUISBURG - Two German hackers allegedly stole and sold unreleased tracks from pop stars, including Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake, via the internet, a state prosecutor said Wednesday.

DUISBURG - German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Christian Wulff and members of the cabinet Saturday took part in a memorial church service for the 21 victims of last week's fatal crush at the Love Parade dance music festival.

DUISBURG - State prosecutors have begun investigating the circumstances that led to the deaths of at least 19 people and injuries to hundreds at Saturday's Love Parade music festival, officials said.

DUISBURG, Germany - The organizer of the Love Parade says the yearly techno music festival will never be held again after 19 people were killed and 342 were injured in a panicked crush in an entrance tunnel.

DUISBURG - Police in the city of Duisburg Sunday began searching for the exact causes of a mass panic in a tunnel at the Love Parade music event, in which 19 people died.
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