Abducted kid’s father threatens to commit suicide

Monday, December 27, 2010

CHANDIGARH - Dejected over the failure of the Chandigarh police in solving the kidnapping case of his five-year-old son, Lakhbir Singh has threatened to commit suicide.

The abductors had demanded Rs.10 lakh as ransom for the release of Kushpreet Singh and the boy’s family had even paid Rs.400,000 to the kidnappers Dec 22 in the presence of police officials, but still he was not released.

“My brother paid Rs.400,000 to the kidnappers and the police officials were standing at a little distance from them. But they could not react in time and failed to catch the culprits. I will commit suicide if they do not find my son,” Lakhbir said here Monday.

Besides, police are still groping in the dark having failed to make any breakthrough. Seeing the sensitivity of this issue, the Chandigarh administration has also intervened and announced a cash reward of Rs.100,000 for any clue leading to the arrest of the kidnappers.

It seems that the victim’s family has lost all trust in the Chandigarh Police and that is why they have also announced a separate cash reward of Rs.100,000 for the informer.

“Chandigarh police is not giving us any satisfactory response. Everyday they come for questioning people… but everything has gone in vain,” he said.

Kushpreet Singh was kidnapped from outside his house in Burail village here Dec 21.

Many city-based NGOs have also come forward to support the victim’s family and they are planning to launch a campaign against Chandigarh police over their failure to find the boy.

However, Chandigarh police are tight-lipped over this case.

“We will solve this case soon. Right now we cannot divulge anything more on this issue,” said a senior police official here Monday.

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