San Jose Mine

SAN JOSE MINE, CHILE ( The record-breaking two month old drama finally reached its climax on Wednesday when Florencio Avalos, one of the Chilean miners who had been trapped in the San Jose mine in Chile for the past ten weeks was rescued by the emergency officials.

SAN JOSE MINE, Chile - Sixty-six agonizing days after their gold and copper mine collapsed above them, 33 miners anxiously awaited a way out early Saturday as a drill carved into the last layers of rock above their underground purgatory.

SAN JOSE MINE, Chile - Drillers neared the lower reaches of a gold and copper mine where 33 men have been trapped for more than two months, preparing for a breakthrough Saturday that would unleash a national outpouring of joy.

SAN JOSE MINE, Chile - Excitement grew Friday outside the mine where 33 men have been trapped for more than two months, as a drill carving an escape shaft pushed through the final section of rock above their underground chamber.

SAN JOSE MINE, Chile - Before 33 trapped Chilean miners can begin their passage to the outside world, still more people will join them down below to make their journey as smooth as it can be.
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